This 2016, every married couple has surpassed all the problems and challenges of having a family is not easy to hold for a long time. For the husband, its better if you tell to your wife what your emotions to her as the year opens to a new chapter as it will encourage openness and truthfulness to your relationship.

Most of all, women liked to be complimented with everything they do and to their family. Now you can tell your partner in life what she is really into you, just choose the best messages in our list to add spice into your relationship.

Sample New Year Greetings Messages for Wife

New Year Greetings Messages for Wife

  • You know my love; I want to tell you my deep sentiment to you not only as my partner but a wife. I want you to know that you are my only one in my heart and soul, even if I die, I would want to meet you every New Year to celebrate our eternal love to each other!

  • It’s already 2016 and another year will be spent with you at my side. I only pray that you will be always the same jolly and strong person that I meet for the first time. I will court you everyday even if we have sons and daughters in our home. You will forever be my morning angel

  • A happy New Year to my one and only person that always say nice to me, support me in my plans, preach me when I do wrong and take care of me when I’m sick. I am your loyal and loveable husband that will always provide for this family and be your guardian when you needed me.

  • If the earth has already completed the year, my service and responsibility to you is just starting, for the New Year I will assure you that I will surprise you and treat you like it is the first time I court you. Let my honest words touch your heart and my hard work is a smile into your face as it is all I need in a day.

  • All I wanted for this New Year is to have a more happy family and blessings come even more, and to my wife I wish you a joyful heart and a good health, I hope you will be the same girl I love before, thank you for all everything you’ve done for me and for the days that will come.