Having a colleague in work that is friendly and loyal is a lucky thing that an employee would ever have you can now tell him or her appreciation you have being their friend. As the year 2016 comes, another year is added in your companionship and strengthen it as time goes by, with this inform them of a wonderful days to come and be thankful for everything they have You can now look at our sample messages you can give for your colleagues at work this New Year and wish them and their family the fruitful days of the year may be upon them.

Sample New Year Messages to Colleagues

New Year Messages to Colleagues

  • Happy New Year to our friendly colleagues who is always there when you need him the most. We always want you to have the best and be happy in your life today; we are always here for you as our friend!

  • After all the troubles and problems we encountered in work, you always stay on your ground and surpass all those challenges I hope that this year our solidarity even if we are no longer colleagues be the same, I wish all the goodness of life instilled in your career and in your family

  • Many people are always in the hurry this season but you are the employee who manages the work well and with that I am thankful for that all things are not hurried and patience is a real virtue. This 2016 may we infuse this value to us as time really flies away when you least expect it and don’t waste any of it as it is irreplaceable

  • A year is closing to its end and a new era is near to start, you and your professionalism in work is what all we need to become a good employee. We as your colleagues want you to have the wishes of your life be answered and all of the contentment will be yours with your family

  • If I could go back in time and tell that to myself that you are more than my co worker but a best friend, I will do it. Never the less it is never to o late to say what is your true feelings to others so 2016 is the time your life will be changed for good as success will never be ending and health will be always with you. I hope that this year is the time that our connection will be more than a colleague, thanks for everything!