New Year is just around the corner and it is that time of the year that people love to wish each other good luck for the coming new phase in life and hope that they spend a lovely time ahead. While some people prefer wishing their loved ones personally on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, others may wish their friends and family through the means of New Year messages.

New Year messages

New Year messages are those good wishes messages which express the heartfelt and genuine wishes for the New Year to the recipient. These messages can be sent through cards, SMS or through social networking websites.  A few samples and examples of New Year messages have been provided below for your reference and help.

Happy New Year Card Messages

  • May this New Year bring a lot of happiness and excitement into your life and may you fulfill all your New Year goals and resolutions this time. Have fun!
  • May the sun shine bright on you this New Year and may the moonlight fill your with shine and joy. Wishing you and your family a very happy and lucky new year.
  • New Year is a time to make resolutions, move forward and forget all the negativity of the last year. So start afresh my friend and make this New Year magical.
  • Happy New Year to my best friend and his lovely new bride. Hope you both have a perfect year ahead.

New Year Wishes Messages

  • This New Year is another chance to all of us from god to make our lives better, much happier and a lot more filled with love. So let’s all make this promise to one another to never let rejections deject us and failures stop us from achieving what we want. happy new year!
  • Wishing all the employees and workers of this company a very happy and prosperous new year. May we all work harder, have a little more fun and learn to work well with each other to achieve our goals.
  • Wishing all my dear family members a very happy and awesome new year. May we all promise to meet more often this time around.

New Year Greeting Messages

  • As the old year leaves us behind and the rays of the new year fall upon us, let’s make it a resolution to live our lives with a smile on our face and fight all that comes in our way. Let’s promise to never let go of positivity from our hearts and courage from our minds. Happy New Year to all.
  • Let’s start this new year with one positive thought and turn it into a series of positive ideas throughout the year. Taking only one step of faith on the ladder is enough, the rest of the stairs will show themselves on their own. Happy New and Positive year to all my dear friends.
  • Wishing all the students of St. Mary’s public school a very happy new year and a great academic session ahead. Hope you make this school proud through your efforts and hardwork..

Funny New Year Messages

  • Let’s promise on another to party more this year and forget all about our resolutions once again. Afterall, new year resolutions are for breaking , aren’t they? Wishing all my friends a fantastic new year ahead.
  • Here’s a toast to another year of mistakes, another year of errors, another year of endless fun and ofcourse another year of a lot of liquor. Cheers to all my buddy’s on the occasion of new year.
  • I made it a resolution last year never to talk to you again but here am I wishing you on new Year again. It seems like you are a bad habit that just doesn’t go away. Please leave me this year and better get out!
  • Have a fun filled new year ahead, an year which reminds you that life is supposed to be laughed at and not taken seriously. So change that dull face into an excited one and promise yourself to laugh atleast once. HAHA, just kidding. Happy new year dear friend.

New Year Messages for Friends

  • To all my friends, old and new wishing you a very happy new year more times and few. May you all have a superb year ahead and fulfil your resolutions this time around.

New year messages for friends

  • Dear friends, the new year that is coming into our lives is not just about making resolutions but also sticking by them. So let’s see who maintains the resolutions for the maximum period of time. Whoever breaks it must inform the others about the same. Wishing you all best of luck and a very happy new year ahead.
  • New year is knocking on the door and the old year has just said good bye to us. So let’s make this new year count and reach a little closer to our dreams and goals. Happy new year to everyone.

Happy New Year Messages for Family

  • Thanks to all my lovely family members for their love and support to me in this important year. Hope you stay by me even in the new year. Wishing you all a superb year ahead.
  • My family is my strength, no matter how many years pass and how many new years to come. Wishing the best family in the world the best year ahead.Cheers.
  • Here’s wishing happy new year to all of you from the bottom of my heart. Hope we meet a little more often this time.

Happy New Year Messages for Boyfriend/Girlfriend

  • Dear sweetheart, hope we remain as close as we did last year even in this new year. Wishing you a lovely year ahead my dear.
  • As the sun sets on the last day of the last year and the last moon rises in the sky, I promise you to be the sun which never sets in your life. Wishing you a lovely new year ahead dear Martha.
  • Here’s wishing the best year to the most amazing human being in my life. I love you and would never leave you.