Out of office messages are usually handed to managers, employees, or coworkers as a means of notifying them about your short absent in an office. There are steps that needs to be followed in crafting one if you want to keep it formal. If you’re in a hurry then this article can be beneficial for you to announce your absence due to urgent matters that requires your presence.

This article contains free sample formal out of office messages. These messages may be used as guidelines if you wish to create one, or you may simply change the phrases or words that are written in one of these messages. The tone should be formal to let the managers know that the errand needs to be attended.

  • Good morning, (name of your manager), I apologize for being absent in the office at around this hour due to the health condition of my fiancee. As we are living together, there is no one else to nurse her around and take her to the nearest hospital should his condition aggravate in any moment.


  • Good day, (name of your manager), I am deeply sorry for my short absence for there is a family meeting that requires my presence. Once this urgent matter will be settled I will be coming back to the office as soon as possible. I will be sending updates from time to time. Should you need to contact me for my work assignments my cellphone number is in the company’s records.


  • Good afternoon, (name of your manager), an issue has risen in my neighborhood and my presence is gravely needed to check if my family’s home are affected. I hope you will be kind enough to understand the gravity of the situation. For company updates and new tasks to be worked on, please send them to me via my work email.


  • Good evening, (name of your manager), I deeply apologize for the sudden disappearance in the office. I am currently engaged in a circumstance where my presence is vital. My mother is having her operation and, as I am the only child in the family and my dad is working abroad, I need to be with her at all times. May you take this into consideration for this is a matter of life and death. For updates in the office please reach me out through my cellphone number.


  • Good morning, (name of your employees), I will be attending a company meeting and attendance is mandatory. I am sorry for I was not able to inform you  right away because an email was sent to me about two hours ago. I will be keeping you updated regarding the progress of the meeting. While I am away and no one is there to assist you, please ask one of the managers available on the floor.


  • Good day, everyone, this email is to inform you about my short absence in the company for a business meeting was called and announced yesterday. There will be supports to assist you in your tasks and if someone is looking for me please inform them that I can be reached via company email.