In cases of emergency and vacation leave, it is important to notify your manager, and teammates or workmates about your absence so that this will not affect your attendance, especially if complete attendance bonuses or incentives is written in the contract you’ve agreed with before you were endorsed to the company’s floors. If you have built a bond of good friendship of your manager and employer then you may have the confidence to give them a hilarious type of out of office messages.

Here are sample out of office messages meant to notify and give them a good laugh as you walk out of the office. These messages should be presented in a letter form (hand written or printed), but if there is an occurrence of emergency. a phone call or a text message would be reasonable.

  • This letter is to notify about my momentary leave as I will be busy with my life for a whole week next week. I wish the best of luck to my coworkers for taking full ownership of my extremely simple tasks. I don’t mean to aggravate your already aching head, but I would rather be busy with my life.
  • This is to inform my superior that I will not be present in tomorrow’s work for there are things greater than the tasks in the company, my life. LOL! just kidding. My mother was admitted to the hospital yesterday and my siblings are not present, for the most obvious reason that I am the only child in the family. Doctors have informed me that she may discharged tomorrow, I will be keeping you updated with the situation.
  • My conscience have been peaceful knowing that you will be taking over my  tasks. I know that I should be feeling guilty right now, but I really don’t.
  • I am sending you this text message to inform you about my absence from the town good for two days starting tomorrow. You can reach me through the phone number which can be found in the company’s records, and just to set proper expectations I will not be answering phone calls be it necessary or not.
  •  I have attended yoga sessions and today marks its first day, should you ever contact me for queries please don’t.
  • I am more than pleased to announce about my short leave from the company’s tasks. I have just realized now that for me to avoid being tagged with task avoidance I should use my leave credits, and it’s about time I use them. I wish you all the misery from your already-miserable tasks as I enjoy the goodness in living.