Wedding proposal messages are the messages that are sent to someone very special. These are the messages that convey the desire to marry. This message can be sent through SMS, email or card. But the best way is to pour out the feelings of the heart from one’s own mouth. Pick up the best of the messages and let the love life know that the sincerity in one’s love is prepared to take one step ahead.

Some samples of these messages are given below.

Sample Wedding Proposal Messages

Wedding Proposal Messages

  • You are the one who is made for me you are the one who is best for me. You are the one who is sent for me and you are the only one who should marry me. Darling will you marry me?
  • The day I met you my heart melted, the more I knew you  my heart-felt attracted, the more I am with you my heart wants to stay more with you. The craziness of my heart has compelled me to say that I really love you and wish to spend rest of my life with you. Girl will you marry me?
  • What will I do with this life if you will not be my side? What will I do with my feelings if you are not by my side? Where will I go without you and where should this journey of life lead without you. So amidst of all this chaos will you hold my hand, by marrying me. Love you sweetheart, will you marry me?

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]My feelings have transformed gradually from infatuation to affection. My love has transformed from likings to commitment. Now my life is willing to change its status from single to married. Will you marry me?[/notice]

  • My life is incomplete without you my love, my life is meaningless without you my love, my life is curtailed without the affinity of your tender heart. My life is imperfect without the tenderness of your likeness. Please hold my hand and walk with me in the journey of this life and accept my proposal to become my wedded wife.

[blockquote]Love is blind love is crazy. You are mine I am yours. All this has no rhythm but my heart beats rhythmically after seeing you. Would you love to enjoy the melody of love for the rest of your life? Marry me Girl and become my lovely wife?[/blockquote]