Sample Messages

Messaging is not a new means of exchanging ideas and emotions but an old one. Although the medium of exchange went through a series of change over the last millennium. Text messages are short and precise for various reasons unlike the lengthy exchange of the letters in the past.

You find free sample messages for many occasions readily made available on our site to serve you on the go. It’s an art to express one’s emotions with the dear ones on mobile phones and you can master it over here.

Also you can find ideas to frame your own text from the subjects of various situations. Moreover all the messages on this site are very original and fresh.

“Email, instant messaging, and cell phones give us fabulous communication ability, but because we live and work in our own little worlds, that communication is totally disorganized.” observed Marilyn vos Savant.

Lots of juicy quality SMS are available for you to choose from for any specific instant. Quite a good number of categories of SMS are available for your service and still improvements are in progress from the contribution and feedback of the visitors.

You will find messages for various celebrations including festivals, achievements, soothing & condolence, invitations, patriotic, spiritual, love, breakups, retirements and many such occasions.

You are welcome to contribute to improve this site as ideas emanate from experiences of people and as they are unique. Happy messaging!!!