Life messages are sent to people who needs enlightenment, especially if their life is currently enveloped with sadness which compels the to drown in the bloody waters of depression. We all know that this mental illness is very lethal that when cases rises to worst victims submit to a pessimistic part of them which only seeks the most illogical reason and make it seem logical just to end the life of an individual. If this situation reminds of you a friend who is currently living a life deprived of hope, then reading this article will help you in saving him from succumbing to depression.

This article offers empowering life sayings for your depressed friend/s for free so that you will save someone in need when they think that they have been abandoned by the ones they love most. Be the life saver of your friend and share the joys in your life by stating perfectly an empowering message so that you’ll get to live a positive life with him. We suggest you make mild changes in the sample messages you find below so that it would seem like it’s your very own composition. This helps the reader sense your presence which guarantees him or her to build a trust in your methods of helping him or her and, thus, cast a faint light of hope in her fathomless darkness. You can also make your own empowering life messages of your own by using these messages as your guideline for purposes of being unique. In so doing, the need for carefully choosing the apposite words should not be disregarded so that the delivery of this type of message will be very effective. The tone comes in very vital. In crafting this type of message the tone should be filled with sincerity, empowerment, and sympathy.

  • There is this desire in me that would trade my tomorrows just for the solution of all things that keeps my dearest friend’s heart and mind troubled. I know that you have it hard in life now and I can hear your internal screams which you choose to silence for thinking that your problems do not matter to us. All of your problems matters to me very much because I don’t have the heart to bear the breaking heart of a friend. I am so concerned about you that I wish I could offer you the solutions of your problems so that all your sufferings will come to an end. If your pillows are so soaked with tears then let my shoulders be the well of your tears.


  • There are times in life where the darkness seem to shroud the path, all you have to do is do not panic in searching for the light so you don’t go astray. Instead, look internally and summon the light within you by remembering all the happy memories and looking forward to when they will happen again. In the search of your own light you will continue to battle with your own self and if you need to call me into arms, I will be there right away. Without excuses. Without hesitation.


  • Friends are these entities which makes a life worthy of being lived, and with you in it I am certainly happy. I know that you are not feeling very well now, and as your dearest friend I would go to the depths of hell with you. Your journey in this hellish life might be depressing and boring but with my company and your goofiness we can weather whatever calamity that gets on our way and simply laugh all the pains as they become a part of our pasts. I will be with you all throughout, my friend.


  • The battles won the least and noticed are our internal wars. We can only be victorious when our hearts and minds do not submit to the fallacious wonders of defeat. I know you are brave enough to endure all of these tasks but I really want to hep you out with the things that troubles you. I know you keep all your sufferings to yourself but I will always be here for you to share your defeat. Unburden your heart by sharing what your problems are to me and together we’ll share the victory of your internal wars and battles.


  • A friend at war with himself is the most complex of all wars that no human mind can imagine the levels of its complexities. I am stricken with awe upon knowing that you are fighting your depression and I always make sure that I am always present to cheer you up, especially if I feel like a stormy cloud looms over your head. I want you to know that I care deeply about you, I will involuntarily help you out even if you don’t ask for it. You mean so much to me that I want us to be happy together in life.


  • Life will always be a never ending battle of self-seeking that affects gravely the core of an existence. We celebrate many a victories and cry over our defeats. You, my dearest friend, need to realize that we don’t always end up being victorious in everything. Defeat must not be seen something depressing for long, instead it must be perceived as an event to evaluate and deliberate yourself. If you are depressed about a particular fresh defeat, I am here to help you recover from that state no matter what it takes. I will invest the whole of my time in you just to make sure we’ll both come up with an answer to re-combat the battle you were once defeated.