Messages of apology are sent to someone whom you have hurt emotionally or physically and express your regret by means of this message to end the quarrel and save the close to ending friendship. A quarrel over best friends sounds more horrendous than most relationship break us in this century and try as we best could eschew this kind of quarrel just to not lose the only person who understands ourselves in depths others are completely oblivious about.  If such a quarrel breaks out then you definitely want to swallow your pride and state your sorry sincerely.

With the help of this article, the unpredictable quarrel between you and your best friend will be over in no time because we gladly offer sample sorry messages here, and the best part about these messages is that they are for free. Yes, you may definitely abuse these messages if you’re feeling the desperation in saving your friendship. Although you are at your liberty in doing so, we suggest you apply some changes especially if the cited circumstance greatly differs from yours. The change you may apply does not only limit to what is mentioned in the latter, in fact you can change the words, phrases, and even sentences for your voice to be heard by the reader. In applying these changes always bear in mind the vitality of choosing the perfect words because this helps set the tone rather perfectly. Speaking of tone, the tone of the  message should be apologetic, sincere, and honest.

Since we are living in the 21st century the medium of sending this type of message is not only limited by personal utterance and via post cards or mail as in a form of letter. This type of message can be sent via sms text messages and social media sites where you are both connected and, thus, can reach out to one another.

  • Dearest best friend, I messed up greatly by hurting you in a way I best know how. I was too depressed during the incident that I became too insensitive which led to an expected unpleasant future for our friendship. You bear grudges over me and you have every right to do so, as for me I bear the weight of regret and the antagonizing conscience which makes only make my heart encumbered with negativity. Feeding my pride led me to no good so I decided to say my sorry, and I understand if you won’t forgive me because I crossed your visibly drawn lines. This apology of mine is to express that I regret the act I did and that it troubled my conscience from that night on wards. I may not be deserving of your forgiveness, but truly I just want to tell you how sorry I am.


  • Hurting a best friend sure is something that we can learn from, and the mostly questioned fact the goodness of things are only recognized once lost hits me really hard. Don’t have me mistaken, but I have always cherished our moments and have always recognized your goodness when we used to be best friends. This just hits me hard for the sole reason that I fear that I will be losing my only feel good pill in this damned life and I end up imagining a future in a gray scale. I really want to fix what has been broken and to just forget this quarrel but I know it’s just too much to ask. You have no idea how depressing how thoughts like these haunt me day and night. In our case this issue can be fixed but it creates chasm between us which I think would never heal for I created a wound which will never turn into a scar for it will never heal. I wish I could, but that is only a wishful thinking. I am sorry for being a best friend who is not worthy of being called as one.


  • No one who bears witness to our friendship would have ever predicted its end. It seems like that the inevitability of this end is just something we can’t hamper. Before things things go to worst I would like to tell how happy my life was each time you were around that all my troubles evaporated without notice. There was something in you that made me look forward of the coming morrows and imagined how pleasant my life would be knowing that you will always be there to cheer me up and fight for me when I needed saving from being a victim of my own self. I guess it it’s abut time I no longer live up to those fairy tales and accept a fact that they will forever be gone no matter how painful it is to take it all in. I deeply apologize for all the shortcomings which have affected this friendship gravely, you have tolerated my existence so much and I understand if you have had it. The only thing I regret the most in this life is breaking my best friend’s heart, and I am so sorry about it.


  • Would a guilty heart’s sorry be enough to fix what can never be? If so then I hope my sincerest apologies would do any good to what was damaged. The things I had done led you to troublesome life and seeing you struggling with its aftermath has me worried for I have never really thought everything out. I was too insensitive that I didn’t bother worrying what the outcome would be for you because I am used to hearing you’re okay each time I invite you into trouble. You’ve had enough of me and this explains why we no longer communicate or at least I try reaching out but you just refuse answering any of my messages. At least hear this apologetic message out since this might be the last message you’ll hear from me if we decide to end this friendship. You had been the greatest friend I have ever met and I don’t think that I deserve you. Only a person with a sanity that greatly differs from my defected sanity deserves to call you as your best friend. I had been the worst friend you ever had, yet you stayed long because you convinced me that I was so much more than my failures and that these failures don’t ever determine that I will never make it big in life. You helped me survive when I was at the point of taking my life away, and I paid you back with my insensitivity. I regret doing it. I am really sorry for bringing nothing to you but trouble.


  • Good morning, (name of you best friend), I can no longer bear this deafening silence between us considering that we are living in the same roof. There are times where some things just mess up and it’s beyond our control to just mend everything without giving parts of us away. Things would have to be surrendered and I certainly am up for it because losing some parts of me just to have you back with me is going to be worth the sacrifices. I surrender my pride though this damages some parts of me as I swallow it but medical pills are also bitter to swallow right? yet they do it anyway just to heal what causes them pain. I am sorry. I am sorry for making a fool out of you which led to you and your lover’s break up. My intentions were merely to protect you from the harm that love inflicts to a person in the long run since I had been a victim of it. I recalled what a tough route of hell I took it was that I reached the point of taking my life away during the aftermath of my most recent break up. Since your relationship was still fresh I tried my best to discourage you into taking things seriously because I know what love will do to you and I don’t want you to suffer what I did. I was trying to save you from it. But it seems like love caused you the misery it once caused me. I caused you misery. Your best friend caused you misery. I truly regret my actions and I hope to be forgiven someday.


  • If life were a fairy tale that ended happily then I would be certain that this issue we have could be solved without question, but apparently this is reality and reality is unpredictable. I can only wish that I can be forgiven from my actions which made you lost your trust in you. It hurts knowing that your best friend have resorted to the thought that I can never be trusted again because of my betrayal. I didn’t only betray you, I have, too, betrayed myself in doing so. My sole source of happiness is no longer happy of keeping me around and I fully understand why you don’t want to talk to me ever again. Watching you avoid me each time our paths cross anywhere makes me feel how painful it is to act as if we’re strangers who knows so much of us. It feels like watching you break your own heart in slow motion as every fiber in you want to stop the act from happening and have no power in doing so. My conscience kills me each night and makes me dream what I did as a form of inescapable haunting. I know that forgiveness is too much to ask from what I did yet I am hoping I will still be granted one.


  • Everything was merely a competition in winning a girl’s heart from a game of truth and dare yet not one of us ever noticed that we took this petty game quite seriously. I didn’t know that you are crushing on the girl that I am crushing on. I know you’re going to say that you don’t have to say what you feel because you crushing on a random girl is none of my business, well it is a part of my business since you she is the girl that I am crushing on. You are my best friend and you should have told me that earlier so that I would have just step back before falling further to her charms. Who would have thought that the reason for this friendship’s end would be a girl. It sounds really petty and worth the laugh, but it has come to a quarrel over pride. Well, I am really sorry but I can just forget about the girl than lose you. This may sound cheesy and everything, but I want you to be happy and if you’re happy dating that girl then I will try my hardest to forget about her. I mean there’s plenty of girls out there to help me recover from the pain of falling in love with your favorite girl. I’ll take my step back and put your happiness first, because this saves our friendship and seeing you happy makes me feel happy as well.


  • Looking for the perfect best friend was a really hard task especially if you have developed trust issues from unpleasant past experiences with other people, but I found you anyway. Honest to goodness, I still can’t figure out why are you so embarrassed about me knowing some parts in your past which affects me gravely. I mean I know that I feel strongly about it but that was all in the past and as what I have seen from your present you feel strongly about it as well which means you have changed. We can no longer change the things we have done in the past but we sure have a lot of days to come to change our actions. I am your best friend, but I still am sorry for making you feel embarrassed about your past. Please do not assume that I will hate you because you are the only one who restored my faith by doing your best to compensate all the malignant deeds you did in the past. I hope my apology would help you bury your past in peace and trust me your past inspires hope rather than hatred to me.


  • All my life I  have tried my very best to not anger my very best friend yet this is the day that I have failed myself. I am sorry for disappointing your trust in me. We both know that I am only human and my capabilities are only limited which makes me falter most times. I hope you understand that I wasn’t able to meet your expectation due to the stress that I had been feeling lately. No one expected me to falter especially in a task that can be done by others but I think this is one way of reminding you that I may be a lot of things but that doesn’t mean I ace in doing a few things. This may sound petty and all but I killed the enthusiasm in your excitement which makes my heart heavy. I wish you would forgive me for failing you for the very first time.


  • The though of losing you makes me lose the appetite in living life the only way I want to. Things have turned out so desolated between us because of a misunderstanding. We are always  shouting at each other pointing out the present mistakes and digging the past mistakes and making them seem new without ever listening to each other. We are just destroying ourselves and if our prides were visible, they would be on top of our heads laughing from not giving in from verbal fighting while this friendship becomes forgotten little by little. One night before I slept from a litany of curses, I thought about the good times we shared and what a waste would they be if we’ll just let everything slip away. Frankly speaking I want to remain as your friend no matter how dire the current situation of our friendship is now. Perhaps the first way to save it is by saying our sorry. I am so sorry for starting the fight and for calling you names you are unworthy of being called. I hope it’s not too late to fix everything because I cannot afford to lose the only best friend I have who listens to everything I say no matter how stupid they are.