Exam status messages are the status message posted just before the exams. The examination fear heats up the whole atmosphere and these messages can bring some lighter note to that entire situation. These messages can be posted on the social media accounts like Facebook and tweeter by someone whose exams are fast approaching. This message could either have some inspirational words to motivate in the robustness of exams or it could have a funny pinch to make the stressful examination become a bit lighter.

Sample Exam Status Messages

  • The night before the examination day seems much similar to the Christmas night. You are awake the whole night yet wait for some miracle to happen.

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]The shortest nights of the life are the nights before any crucial exam. The moment you start digging new chapters you suddenly realise it’s already time to go for the exam.[/notice]

[blockquote]Half the nights just before the examination day are wasted in thinking about the day when these exams would be over and rest half of the nights are wasted in thinking why does these exams ever come in life.[/blockquote]

  • Examinations are one of the best ways to know some of the toughest things and topics in life at least for few days.
  • The success in any examination does not come by believing in subjects but believing in one self. Because eventually only confidence and hard work can fetch good result rest all is just a matter of time.

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]Success has no shortcuts and success comes by putting in small steps with confidence and self-assurance. Have faith in hard work and success will eventually fall at your feet.[/notice]

  • Examinations are not created to make you a cramming master; they are designed to prepare you for the tests of life. The most important thing is attitude which decided success and failure.
  • The most significant and intricate body organ of human body is brain that constantly works for 24 hours in 365 days a month. But the only time when it stops working is the hours when you enter inside the examination hall.
  • Just 5 minutes before the examination every student is gifted with some super natural powers because the chapters that would have taken hours to finish can be understood in fractions of seconds when one is about to enter the examination hall.
  • All the best are three words that insist one to do sincere efforts to get success in examinations.