Funny relationship status messages are the kind of messages that are written by a person to update their present relationship status on a social networking website. These messages provide the relationship status in a funny and jovial manner.

Given below are some of the funny relationship status messages that anyone can use as a reference.

Sample Funny Relationship Status Messages

  • Right now I am in relationship with one the world is tagged to. Yes you got it right it’s my computer and I am really in love with it.

[blockquote]Waiting for a status update can be really disgusting if only anyone online could make it more interesting. Single status and waiting for someone interesting.[/blockquote]

  • Was in a hooked status in the morning which has now turned single and anyone wants to start a relationship with me can ping me right now?
  • Looking for a relationship with a man who is smart, simple and yet not demanding. I guess it is better to have a dog rather than a man in life as I am sure no man has these qualities.
  • Relationship I am presently engulfed in makes me feel like I need to be hygienic all the time and that means even on weekends. Oh somebody save me!!!
  • Well I can say that I am in a relationship with the most handsome guy on this earth. The only thing that needs to be understood is that that handsome guy is not yet in a relationship with me. Cheers! Having fun!!

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]The only relationship that does not sink ever is the ship of friendship! So my present relationship status is friendship.[/notice]

  • Single and willing to mingle with someone who is willing to think about me first than anything else.
  • The very fundamental need of a human being is to be in some relationship though I think it is better than the basic necessities. Be happy!!!!

[notice noticeType=”alert” ]I want to get into a relationship where it makes it difficult to live life alone. Waiting for that special person in my life.[/notice]

  • I have broken all old bonds as they were like elastic but will surely get into a new relationship that is stronger than ever.
  • All my ex’s here is a message for you. Though I am single I am glad I am not with you guys as it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Waiting eagerly for a person who will love me and have let go of the person whom I loved!