Whatsapp has become a popular medium among people of all ages and groups to convey their feelings and wishes. Posting an interesting status message that reflects your mood is also getting very popular but writing short, crisp and witty status messages is truly an art! Status messages should not only reflect your mood but it can also be a proverbial statement that indirectly speaks your mind on any issue. Some samples of short status messages for WhatsApp are given below for reference.

Sample short status messages for WhatsApp

  • Looking forward to a wonderful time ahead with the love of my life.
  • Will be meeting school friends after 4 years…super excited!
  • Do not change just because someone is asking you to. It is not worth it.
  • I’m born again…to destroy evil souls!!
  • Finally the time has come, I am excited!!!
  • Falling in love again is like having you favorite ice cream all over again!
  • Do whatever makes you happy and not what makes other happy.
  • You are bliss, a streak of happiness even in blandness.
  • I do not care if you do not like my attitude; it is your problem and not mine.
  • Hope is what keeps you going. So never stop hoping.
  • Waiting eagerly for the winter.
  • I just want to thank God for everything that he gave me.
  • Some people deserve a high five on their faces and not on their hands.
  • In need of a bad break…anybody up for a drink?
  • A much awaited break…London…here I come!
  • You mean the world to me…Happy Mother’s Day.
  • What is so “good” in good byes?
  • I love the way you lie! They make me strong every time.
  • The summers are boiling us like omelets; when will it rain again?
  • Why does the week roll on to this Monday again!!! I hate Mondays.
  • Packed my bags and I am almost ready to go… a new job…a new life.
  • Had the best day of my life. Thank you all for making it to my birthday.
  • Sometimes it feels that I am the most fortunate person on earth…as I have you!
  • A very happy new year to all of you in my list. Have a lovely year ahead.
  • Thank you for the repeated lies – now I’m alert not to get fooled again!