Sympathy messages are used as a means of letting someone know how they are not alone in their state of pain for you get to have a share in it just by seeing someone in the said state. This type of message is powerful enough to save a friend, lover, or even a family member from being a prisoner of absolute grief which leads to depression. If you are the type of parent who listens to the troubled life of your daughter but do not know what the appropriate replies are then you will surely benefit from reading the sample messages in this article.

Sample break up sympathy messages for  daughter are offered below which you may rephrase and reword if you see there is a need in doing the act. It is recommended that this type of message be uttered by mouth or personally handwritten in a card to show that you exerted an effort in trying to reach out to your daughter, especially in a time where she doesn’t want to be. A hopeful and uplifting tone should be palpable in the message when read by the reader to deliver the effectiveness of it.

  • Hello, (name of your daughter), I know that you are extremely down for losing someone who has made you the happiest for some years now. I know how you feel when it comes to convincing your ex lover into staying for I have witnessed many friends in the past who had entered that phase and trust me that was only the early phases of moving on. It sucks badly how the world no longer conspire to your desperation and would rather cast a sunshine when you need the calming rain to match your mood. As your father, I know that you’ll get past this moving on stage. My only advise for you is to savor the pain and see where the relationship has fallen short so that the next time love arrives you will know how to love someone better.


  • Hearts are never meant to be broken, instead they are meant to love a person, yet they break because of forcing a love that can never be. Like a sweet poison you willingly take in not minding the effects for you only focus on its sweetness. Let your heart be at ease, sweetie, for it has taken a lot of damage from forcing your love not to crumble when it was destined to fall apart from the start. I feel what you are feeling now for I had been in that state once in my days of youth and, trust me, I have come to realize that some things need to fall apart for us to find someone better and build a relationship that is a lot better from the previous.


  • My sole wish for you in times of broken hearts is to not kill your heart each time you will be hard on yourself for letting go of someone who does not deserve your love at all. I understand how emotionally weary you are and can’t get rid of the moment where you uttered our goodbye to him, and this greatly breaks my heart for your sorrow have penetrated through me. There is no need for you to continue the painful deed of torturing your heart, instead you should take care of it so when the next lover comes he will be amazed by how good you are to yourself which reflects how you will be to others. So please take good care of yourself.


  • Good day, (name of your daughter), we have not spoken to each other for about a week now because of your grief which you choose to keep in silence. Apparently, a father’s heart understands the language of silence and I know how badly your heart is broken and you hide it to everyone by telling them your heart is only smiling. Traces of hurt are palpable in the cracks of it if anyone dares to take a closer look. This is usually the kind of heartbreak caused by an ex lover. I may know little of love but I know enough how badly you are hurt from not receiving the love you wish to have. In love you let your ideals fall apart, especially if it’s a young relationship, for this means you are trying to turn your lover into what he is not and this makes love, all the more, not worth keeping.


  • Life’s blue can be very addictive most especially if you have been touched by it. As parents whose only desire is to see their child happy on their choices, our hearts break from seeing your spirit so down, refusing to acknowledge all the pleasant things in life, for you re solely focused on the sadness that you voluntarily feed your heart. I hope the time for realizing your worth would be very soon for you too see that there is someone out there who is more worthy to keep your heart for your mom and I are certain that he will take care of our precious daughter.


  • There are things which are sweetest when first tasted and yet turns bitter in the ageing of time. Judging from the wrinkles conspicuous between your eye brows you can relate to the latter. I know that you are in a grief-stricken state from breaking up with the guy you thought were the one you would live your lifetime with. Throughout my teenage years I had some share of your sorrows for I was desperate for love. Fearing that I am not worthy of anyone, I clung to the guys who were not worthy of me. It took me years to realize that there was no one who had the right to validate my worth but me. I hope you’ll realize this sooner and may your future with guys be brighter than mine.


  • Do you know what’s more painful than having your broken? It is when your daughter’s heart break from the guys who are so full of themselves that they are blinded from seeing the whole of your naked soul. I am a little confused as to what I am feeling for I am sad and raging with wrath at the same time. My only hope to you, sweetest daughter, is that may you not give up on love for this is not what has hurt you, rather you have been hurt by your expectations which made your relationship starve for wishes which cannot be granted and betrayal by means of lies and secrets. Please don’t teach your heart to quit loving for fears of going a heart break again so that when the right guy finally comes he’ll decide to stay for good.


  • Good day, lovely child of the fairest mother, weep your heart out for tonight and if your ran out of tears use mine instead so that you will not suffer more greatly than what you have now. It’s obvious that the love of you and your lover didn’t turn out great as what both you and I have expected. I always thought that your relationship was perfect and all yet there are just things which are not meant to last.This greatly pierces my heart as this does to yours. May you recover from this sorrowful state and learn all that needs be learned for you to become a better version of yourself. I will be with you throughout this hell because you might need be needing my helping hands. Your mother will never forsake you, especially in times of help.


  • To my dearest daughter, your father allows you to ease yourself by turning your heartache into liquid that wells in your eyes before gliding on your lovely cheeks and sob violently, even if it aches my heart to see you in doing so. If there is only an easier way to remedy your still  breaking heart I would roam the world for it. Apparently there is none and I know this for what you currently feel is what I had felt in my primal years. What you are going through is natural and you will encounter a lot more of it in the future. You need only fix yourself and fortify the foundation of yourself so that the next unworthy lover can’t break your once easily broken heart.


  • Hello, sweetie, you mother told me that you decided to finally cut off the guy who had been causing your heart a great distress, and yet still the situation has exacerbated. My heart forces itself to collapse from the sight of your distressed heart. You should know that he was never good to start with and it is only natural that you are filled with regrets for you have invested a considerable amount of time and significant feelings to the worthless dude. You can be very sad but please do not worry a thing about what could happen in the future for you will still find the guy perfect for you. Your mother and I will be with you throughout your life, especially the saddest moments you will encounter, we will never let you suffer alone.