When a person has just ended a relationship, he/she is obviously sad and upset. Thus in such a situation, break up sympathy messages work well and help an individual feel that he/she is not alone in the difficult phase of life.

Break up sympathy messages must have genuine tone of sympathy attached to them and should be able to convey the true concern of the sender to the recipient.  A few samples of break up sympathy messages have been provided below for all those who are wish to frame the same for someone.

Sample Break Up Sympathy Messages

  • When two people who love each other so much move apart, sadness and grief is bound to enter life. But everything happens for a reason and I am sure that something good will come out of this situation. Please cheer up as life does not stop due to a break up.

[notice noticeType=”attention” ]In this difficult time, when you two have decided to break up, I wish to tell you that you are not alone as I will stick by you as a friend always. I can understand your sadness as I have gone through this period myself. Everything is going to be fine, have faith.[/notice]

  • Dear friend, I got to know that you and John have broken up and I felt really sad for your both. Hope you are able to cope with this situation. Be strong and remember that you can call me or text me anytime, anyday.

[blockquote]Breaking up is not easy and life is tough after a break up. But don’t lose heart as Jerry wasn’t the right guy for you. I am sure you will find happiness again. Have faith in god.[/blockquote]

  • Your break up has stuck me by surprise and I can imagine how sad you must be right now. But please don’t lose hope and smile as life is good and has many more surprises for you.
  • Dear Nathan, it is really sad to know that you have just gone through a break up. I am sure that it must be tough to deal with life right now but I am sure that you are strong enough to handle it and move on with life.
  • Break ups make us strong as they put us in the habit of living without the people who matter to us. So don’t worry as everything will be okay.