When some of our near or dear one loses a loved one, life becomes very difficult at that point of time.

It becomes very important for us to support him /her during this difficult time.

Following are some Jewish sympathy messages which can be sent to console the person and to show your love & support.

Sample Jewish Sympathy Messages

  • All this while, I am thinking about you. No words may heal the pain that you must be carrying in your heart on the loss of your beloved mother, please know that I am always there for you. Please accept my kind sympathies and condolences.
  • The sudden demise of your dearest brother has filled our hearts with sadness. We know the kind of love that you had for him and we can remember the days when he used to light you up your days with his presence. At this difficult time, please know that we are there at your side. Accept our sincerest sympathies.
  • Please take this comfort in knowing that you are not alone at such a difficult time of loss of your father. His presence would be remembered by all of us forever. May his love and the memories comfort you in some way, we are thinking about you in our thoughts and prayers. Take care and accept our sympathies and condolences that have been sent your way.
  • No pain is far reaching than the pain of losing one’s mother. She was a wonderful lady and her charming presence would be forever remembered. May her soul rest in peace.

[blockquote]Sometimes life surprises us with good times, and sometimes it makes us face such bad times. But this is life and it will go on like this only. I understand you loss, but you have to be strong. What you have lost cannot be recovered but you have the memories which you can cherish forever.[/blockquote]

  • I want to say you that I understand your condition and do not feel yourself alone in this time. I am always there with you standing as your strength and support..
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]I can understand what you must be feeling at this time but nothing is in our hand. All my sympathies are with you and you can always count on me for any of your need.[/notice]
  • I pray to God that he showers his love upon you at this difficult time and believe me with his love this difficult time will pass soon.