Spiritual sympathy messages for cards are those types of messages which are written by a person to express sympathy for someone else and that too in a spiritual way.  These messages are sent by the means of greeting cards and must have a sympathetic tone. The length of these types of messages must not be too long and must be kept precise. A few examples and samples of spiritual sympathy messages for cards are given below and can be used for reference.

Sample Spiritual Sympathy Messages for Cards

  • I understand that losing is something which is hard. Losing is a bitter experience and one that leaves you heartbroken. But believe in the power of god as he can make things alright and bring success to you at some point or the other.
  • Losing your mother or father can be a very tough experience for anyone. I sympathize with your loss as I myself have gone through this experience. But consider this an indication from god and believe that the heavens needed your father more than you.
  • Life can bring many defeats for you. I understand that you lost the race and must be disappointed but what happens, happens for the best.  Have faith in the power above you and next time, the win will be yours.
  • When someone we love leaves us and goes away to enter the heavens, we are left helpless, without company and without love. I can understand what you must be feeling and going through but I wish to tell you that god is watching over you and will be at your side. Have faith in him and give life a chance.
  • When god takes love away from us, he also showers us with a lot of it to compensate for the loss.  I know this is a tough situation for you but wait for a little while and you shall be happy again, loved again and will be blessed again.
  • I am so sorry to hear what happened and hope that your wounds heal up soon.   I know how it feels to have a leg fractured but have faith in god and he shall remove all the pain soon.
  • I feel so sorry for the loss that you have gone through. It feels very depressing to see someone go. But remember that God is there for you always and will never let you feel alone.