Whenever in life a person receives somebody’s sympathy, he/she feels obliged to thank him/her. The best way to express your gratitude for someone’s sympathy is to write them a thank you message. Those sympathy thank you messages which are sent by the means of a greeting card are known as sympathy thank you card messages.

Such messages must express the gratitude in brief and should sound polite in nature. A few examples of such messages are provided below for your reference.

Sample Sympathy Thank you Card Messages

  • It was so nice of you to write to me and express your sympathy for the accident that I went through last month. I am sorry I didn’t get the opportunity to thank you before but now I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude.
  • Your sympathy and condolences mean a lot to me. Yes, the death of my sister has been a big shock and very depressing news but with the support of people like you, I have managed to face this situation. Thanks a lot.
  • Thanks a lot for your sympathies dear Jack. I was shattered on hearing the news but with the love of friends like you, any person can overcome grief of this nature.
  • I am so filled with gratitude that you visited me the other day to express your sympathy on the death of my father. Your support means a lot to me and to my family and I would thus like to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  • Words are not enough to thank you for your sympathy and help in the toughest phase of my life. I wouldn’t have survived this phase if it wasn’t for people like you in my life.
  • Thanks a lot for your sympathy card and message.  Knowing that you are here for me has made the pain and hurt of the accident bearable.
  • Hi Peter, you have been my strength in these tough times and your sympathy and good wishes mean a lot to me. I would like to thank you for the same.
  • Your sympathy has touched my heart. I got your support at a time when I didn’t expect anyone to come forward and help me. Thanks a lot and remember that I am also always here for you.
  • Got your card expressing sympathy on the demise of my grandfather. Thank you for the sweet wishes and gesture.