Funeral thank you card messages are the messages which are written and used by the family member/ members of a deceased to thank those who were present at the funeral. The messages are generally framed to thank the attendees not just for their presence but also for their support towards the family. The messages go in the thank you cards which may either be purchased readymade or they can also be custom printed.

Sample Funeral Thank You Card Messages

  • Dear Martha I would like to thank you and the whole of your family for being present at the funeral and the memorial service of my daughter, Julia. From the Matheson Family.
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Thomas, the death of our daughter was a very tough time for me, my husband and the whole family. In the time of such great distress it was consoling to know that we have neighbours like you both to show support. Thank you for being there.
  • The funeral service for the recently deceased family member of ours was complete only because all of you who loved him and were a part of his life. We would like to thank you all for standing by him and us. May his soul rest in peace.
  • At a moment in life like this, when a loved one has been ripped away from us, from our family and our lives, we wanted to say that the support shown from every single person was important to us. Thanks a lot.
  • Your presence at the funeral of my beloved brother Mr. Marty Myer Junior was heartily appreciated by us. I and my whole family thank you for your presence and support.
  • The funeral was a beautiful service and the presence of my family and lovely friends made it even more beautiful. I cannot thank you enough dear friends for being there with me, by my side on the funeral day and every day since. Thanks a lot.
  • We thank you for attending the funeral service Mr. Thomas Grey, a beloved father, son, brother and husband. He was a truly blessed soul who brightened all lives around him. May his soul rest in peace for all eternity.The Grey Family
  • It was an immensely consoling thought to realise that Mary touched so many lives and all of you were present at her funeral. We thank you for attending the funeral of our beloved daughter.