A thank you card message for a co worker is a kind of a message which is written by a person to thank a colleague or co worker for a gesture, help or any other service. These messages must state in brief why the sender is thanking the recipient of the message and must be able to express gratitude clearly. A few examples of thank you card messages for co workers are given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Thank You  Card Messages For Co-worker

  • You have been a great support for me in this office, whenever I was in any trouble I knew that I could count on you. Thank you for being a great co- worker and for always helping me out.
  • Thanks for making the new project possible, I would not have been able to get the project plan done without the contribution of any of my co- workers. I would thus like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the contribution and support.
  • The presentation I gave on the new account we are assigned was greatly appreciated by all the team leaders and the management alike. Thank you for helping me get ready for the presentation, it was my first and best presentation. And thanks to the confidence you have instilled in me, I am sure this will not be my last.
  • Co- workers are very important for anyone to sensibly and sanely work through this maddening corporate environment. And I am so glad that I had you Jill, you are the best co- worker and friend a girl could ask for.
  • I have been missing the office for the past few days due to my personal problems and it has come to my notice that in my absence you handled all of my work. Thank you my dear co- worker for managing everything in my absence.
  • There was a lot to be done in the shortest deadline that I have ever been assigned, but both of my co- workers gave me the support and strength to pull through attaining awes and applaud from all our superiors. Thank you dear co- workers and my dear buddies.
  • I am so glad that I have such amazing co- workers. The people who help me improve my performance reviews while fighting their own battles in this jungle. Thanks for helping me and becoming a friend in this new place for me. Thanks a lot.