Teachers do not simply play the role of shaping our careers in the right direction, they are God’s angels who help us evolve as individuals and help us be worldly wise. There is no doubt in stating that a major part of our lives revolves around them. Hence, thank you card messages for teachers would just be a small and simple way of expressing the love and gratitude we feel for them. The card messages saying thank you should not be just a way of showing appreciation, but one that actually thanks them for being part of our lives. We have provided here some samples of thank you card messages for teachers.

Sample Thank You Card Messages For Teachers:

  • A teacher makes us realize our worth and true interests, and rightly so. I would have never identified myself without your guidance and so I would like to thank you for each moment that you have taught me, loved me, and cared for me. Thank you mam.
  • [blockquote]Thank You, Sir for every single thing that you have taught me and every little thing that I could learn from you. Thank you for allowing me to follow your footsteps and showing me the right way.[/blockquote]
  • I had thought of you as a very strict teacher, but I am glad to accept that I was wrong. I would have anyhow leant the regular lessons every student learns in school, but without you being there I would have never known what discipline means. I would like to thank you for each day that you have taught me the real lessons of life. Thank you teacher.
  • You have been my favorite teacher and the whole world knows that now. You will, always, be my favorite teacher not just because you teach well or give us play-breaks, but because I find solace in you. Thank you mam for enlightening my life.
  • I cannot express in words what you actually mean to me. I know you are an angel for I would have been just nobody had you not held my hands and shown me the right way when I needed help the most. You really are a teacher who has taught me what life means. Thank you for giving me this new life.
  • [notice noticeType=”approved” ]Everybody knows and believes that nobody could have taught better than you. What I know and believe is nobody could have made me ME, other than you. A big thank you for every big step you helped me take and succeed.[/notice]