Thank you messages can be sent to your parents to express how grateful you are to them and what a life it has been for you because of them. As we all know parents are the main reason why we exist and no matter how hard life is, even if they are one of the major reasons why life is harder ever minute, but we must still be thankful for these challenges are what makes us stronger and, thus, know more about how harsh the world can be as we fortify ourselves as means of survival.

This article would like to help you state your gratitude by simply going over the sample thank you messages for parents. The best part of this would be offering these messages for free that you can even abuse your liberty in choosing the gratitude message which you think is best fitting for both of your parents. If applying changes in circumstances, words, phrases, and sentences ever crosses your wild fancies, then you highly appreciate the action for your voice to manifest in the message and, thus, you parents will know how sincere your gratitude really is. In so doing, there is a significance in carefully choosing the appropriate words for you to set the tone just right. The tone of the message should be constructed perfectly so that should there be something funny or sarcasm in the letter this would not be misinterpreted. The message’s meaning would be completely nullified if the tone’s significance is disregarded. You can also make a composition of your own for purposes of being unique by carefully studying the messages you find below and use them as guidelines in your craft.

This message can be handwritten or printed in a form of letter, can be sent via sms text message or social media sites where you and your parents are connected.

  • Mom and dad, I really want to thank you so much for all the gifts you have given to me during my birthdays. To tell you honestly, the gifts are great but what brightens my day during my special day is the thought that you spend some time thinking about the best birthday present and asking everyone close to me what are the things I like. These acts are what makes my birthday worthy of being celebrated. Your love for me is just so abundant, yet you think that you are lacking of it because both of your time is spent mostly on your work. Well, mom and dad, I know that you are both working very hard just to make sure that I will be contented as long as I am still with you. You have given me so much already and you no longer need to worry if you have given enough because being your child is already enough to feel your never waning love. I am very fortunate of the abundance of love you have shared to me.


  • To the best mom and dad in the world, thank you so much for protecting me each time you sense I am hurting. I know that the sight of me filled with gloom makes you sad and I don’t want you both feeling sad for me that’s why I always choose to cry in silence. It would seem to me that there is something about a family which connects the feelings of its member to another, as if an electric wire, because you can always sense the sadness I refuse to share to both of you. We all know that I am weak, but trust me when I say I am strong because I am trying my best to become strong. I truly am grateful because I know that you are both there always even in the battles I can conquer myself. I hope it makes you both happy that I am becoming stronger and stronger each day for I am a weakling in aspects of emotional and physical ever since I was young. I thank you both for showing me love by believing in me and for always sharing the loads of my problem for me not to destroy myself.


  • I never knew that having a single dad can be fun and grant me contentment. It must have been really hard for you, daddy, to raise me alone especially on days where I act so spoiled, but you sure have some ways in coping with it. I highly admire you for this daddy and it is even harder to hear the gossips in the town that you must be very bad when it comes to women which explains why mom and you divorced. I am a full grown woman now but I never felt how bad you are with women at all because you have shown me, a full grown woman, the kind of love that suffices her lifetime. I am so thankful for being both a good mom and dad to me. Trust me daddy I no longer need a mother for you alone is already enough, but if you should date another woman always know that I am okay with that as long as she is worthy of your love and goodness. Only the world knows how lucky and grateful I am for being raised under your guidance.


  • To my parents who have abandoned me even before I was granted innocence, thank you so much. I know that you abandoned me in this foster home because you don’t have the heart to see me suffer in the hands of poverty. Some nights I would like to think that you did this because you want me to have a bright future, thus letting the apple fall far from the tree, and some nights a depressing thought haunts me that you abandoned me in this foster home because I am merely a good riddance to both you and dad. I hope that the reason is the former instead of the latter. The reason why I am thanking you is because despite the love that you cannot give, I was able to accept the fact that we cannot force the ones we love to love us back. This made me realized that love can still exist and be given by people who we think are not capable of loving us. Well, it is love after all and enough to make my soul happy. I wish I could say this to you in person but I think I can’t just demand that like I can’t demand you to love me. I love you both and it’s fine if you don’t love me back, you don’t really have to love me back at all. I wish that both you and dad are happy in life as I am happy with mine.


  • Dearest ma and pa, I want to tell you something about my past which led me to depression. Before you adopted me I always thought how pointless life was for the person who should be loving me do not love me at all. But you came into the rescue and cast the traces of my depression slowly. You have saved me in ways I thought were never possible. I’ve been keeping this gratitude to myself for long and I think you should know that I truly am very grateful for accepting me in this happy family. I thought I was never worthy of getting a share from your happiness and your biological sons and daughters, but all of you convinced me that I am every bit deserving of this happiness until this became a truth I choose to believe. Being treated as your son makes me feel loved and you have satiated my once insatiable hunger for a parent’s love. I realize from then that love is something that grows in us no matter how desolated we are; it grows anywhere when wanted or not ad it is only a matter of choice if we nurture it by returning our love.


  • I want to express my gratitude through this letter to the best people in this whole wide world and that’s you mom and dad! What a life of fortune is it for me despite living in the gutters of poverty. Love doesn’t keep us alive as how the lyrics goes in the famous “Love will Keep Us Alive” song, if we only feed on love then we would probably die of obesity by now for we are abundant in it. Instead Love gives us the reason to strive hard in order to survive this seemingly unending wretched state. Both of you are trying your hard to provide all the necessity and our wants but you have to believe me when I say I prefer you provide only what’s vital in in life because you should not forget the things you need as well. I don’t want you guys to work for me only I want you to also work for yourselves because I am trying my best to find a job fitting enough for me and my young age so I can return the favor. I know you guys love me as much as I love you both, and I am truly the richest man alive knowing we share a lavish love with each other.