The thanksgiving card messages are those messages which are written or which people write down in the cards they are sending to their family and friends on the Thanksgiving Day. The Thanksgiving Day is the day marked for celebrating and giving thanks for being blessed with the harvest and also of the preceding year that has gone by. These messages can be of variety of kinds like funny, serious, genuine, romantic, personal etc

Sample  Thanksgiving Card Messages

  • Thanksgiving is finally here, the most exciting part about every thanksgiving is that you will be cooking way, way too much food that will last us all till the Christmas. Happy thanksgiving sister or more like Happy Cooking dear.
  • The perfect day for meeting all of your family members and enjoying a quality meal with them is here- Happy Thanksgiving Day to all of you. I cannot wait to meet you all so that we can eat, drink and share all of our best stories with each other. Peace.
  • Thanksgiving Day is the perfect occasion which marks and celebrates kindness, generosity and the spirit of loving and caring for others, all around. I am so excited for this Thanksgiving Day and for spending it with all of my lovely family members and friends. I hope that you are excited too- Happy Thanksgiving.
  • I am so thankful that I have you; the relationship I share with you is the most amazing and special one to me. I thank God for every moment I have spent with you and for all the moments that I will get to spend with you all through my life. Happy Thanksgiving Day and May god bless us all.
  • Oh I cannot wait for the Thanksgiving Day dinner- the amazing turkey and the very delicious pie made by you. I hope I am in for an amazing meal, a nice nap and then some more leftovers. Well jokes apart, I thank God for blessing me with great family and friends like you. Happy Thanksgiving.
  • I am hoping to enjoy the two things that present in abundance of the Thanksgiving Day for all of us to be joyous and warm- that’s great family and the amazing food. I hope to enjoy the both of them to the fullest- Thanksgiving joy.
  • There are two parts to the whole Thanksgiving ritual- the part where you show gratitude for what you are given and the part where you give all you can to other. I am thankful for being blessed with a full life and wish for everyone to get the same.