Most schools in Asia have just started their classes. From the mention of the word “school,” our minds immediately associate it with thoughts such as infinite boredom, series of stresses, unending mental breakdowns, and so on. It is an unspoken truth shared by all that education is one of life’s ultimate necessities. It is but a seemingly hellish struggle yet it molds us into becoming the best version of ourselves.

Any negative thoughts must be removed from students’ heads by replacing it with warm welcome messages that say learning can be fun despite the stress and hard work. These messages have to encourage students to look forward to school each day for an entire year.

The pen is mightier than the sword” is an effective philosophy when applied to the educational context. Words can bend the strongest steel. We are all fully aware of that fact since word are insanely powerful, considering that literature has molded the face of history. It is highly suggested that school organizations and use powerful words in welcoming their students as the school year starts so that their eagerness in learning or in staying in the school would be pleasant.

Here are recommended messages and quotes for principals or school organization presidents to greet the students with the warmest of welcomes:

  • The mouth of our existing youths contain such a power which puts the world in a state depending on how words are used. Being educated is one way to help a region of the globe contain crisis, corruption, and conflicts. With an educated mind, this corrupted world would bow before him. Some factors will try to break your spirit but we must not forget that these circumstances are necessary. These experiences will mold you into thousand times better than what you are now. I challenge you all, students, to be that person who can bring peace and justice to this world, and your first day in doing the deed shall be today.
  • Talent gets you to places. Talent paired with education will take you further than you ever desired.
  • Education fortifies a person’s stands, and it fortifies a person’s very core of existence.
  • A man generating million words of void sense can be hushed by an utterance of a single word from an educated person.
  • This school will break the boundaries of limits, if deemed possible and necessary, just to help you persist in your journey of great pursuit.
  • A man’s greatness is never measured by his physical strength, it is rather measured by his mental fortitude.