Welcoming a person through messages is just alike giving him a tight hug of greetings verbally. These messages can be conveyed through texts, mails, personally or even through cards. Short welcome message are apt for occasions that bring sudden, pleasurable surprises like homecoming, rejoining office or school, coming back from illness etc. The messages should be crisp, intense and also affectionate in tone. Get the selected short welcome messages here that can be used for various occasions –

  • Welcome home mom– we all missed you!
  • My little nephew comes home like bliss in our lives; Welcome my bundle of joy!
  • Welcome sis on your first homecoming post marriage – the home seems like before once again!
  • Welcome home dad, we knew God would bring you back to us in sound health! Love you…
  • Hey welcome back to office, hope your vacation was fun and fruitful?
  • It is God’s grace that the accident scars are gone; get geared for a new beginning. Welcome back!
  • Welcome to your new cabin, we are so happy to see our best buddy as the manager now!
  • Welcome home sweetheart and my little champion, thank you for giving me a complete family.
  • This time it was a long trip indeed and an utter boring time for me. I hate your office so much!! Welcome home!
  • Grandma and grandpa we missed you so much when you were far off in the spiritual mood! Now no more vacations for you. Welcome back!
  • Welcome back to your nest of love and family, hope your hiking trip was real fun with friends?
  • Welcome uncle, we remembered you every day since past 5 years and very glad to know that you will be with us forever now!
  • It’s been ages that we saw you and see… how beautifully you grew up! Welcome (name), wish you a memorable stay with us!
  • Welcome home grandpa, we prayed to God for your speedy recovery and knew you would be here again just for us. We love you so much.
  • Welcome back…your office desk seems so fresh after one long break! Happy working again!
  • Welcome home my son! Our eye was searching for you day and night and today is the auspicious day when you are with us again!
  • We are lucky to have parents like you who didn’t fail to call us on one single day even when you were remotely located. Welcome home mom and dad!