When sons get married the parents are not only happy because their son will have his own family now, but also they extend their family with a ‘daughter’. Welcome messages for daughter in laws are intensely touching lines that melt a woman’s heart when she enters a new home with many apprehensions gathered in mind.

A warm welcome through such messages should inspire, encourage, embrace and greet the new member in a household and make it feel her own home. If you are looking for some ideas, here are some well crafted messages for the daughter in laws –

  • We had two sons, and now you came as our first daughter…we wish you have a very happy and contented life with us. Welcome (name)!
  • We are sorry as we cannot greet you as our daughter in law; we need you as our only pampered daughter. Please give us a chance show you the real world of happiness! Welcome to your new home!
  • The house was merely decorated with items and now when you are here it will be a real home with the right mixture of love, care, affection and sentiments. Greetings to your new home!
  • Thank you for coming to our house and making it a perfect abode of happiness. We are sure you will make the new relations your very own as we have accepted you as our own daughter. Welcome!
  • Our house had everything but a home maker who would make the house more than just piles of bricks. You came in as the ideal daughter in law in our household. Welcome dear!
  • Love is the only wealth we have; nevertheless we shall try to give you the most comfortable living that is feasible for us. Welcome to your new home – it’s all yours now!
  • When you mother in law expired, she had the last desire to see you as our daughter in law and today as you step into this house I’m sure she is the happiest soul in heaven. Welcome to your own home!
  • Marriage not only means a new man in your life but also a new set of parents and a new home. We are sitting eagerly to spend the rest of our lives with you my dear daughter in law. Welcome to your own home!
  • We all come together and greet you to your new house. May the new family usher all happiness on you my dear (name). Welcome home!