Romantic Good Morning Short Messages

Romantic good morning short messages are those messages which are used by a person while wishing his/her romantic partner good morning.  As the name suggests these messages are short and must convey the wish as briefly as possible. The individual writing them has to be concise and should express romance at the same time. A… Read More »

Business Proposal Messages

Business proposal messages are such messages that are sent by an organization to another organization or any other party for facilitating a particular business. This would require suitable action from the reader of the message. The business proposals are often sent in a formal way and are most of the times send through hard copies.… Read More »

Baby Shower Greeting Card Message

Baby shower is the occasion when both a mother to be and her unborn child are ushered with loads gifts and best wishes from all of their loved ones. Many people would want to get a greeting card for the mother to be and write in all of their wishes and messages. These messages are… Read More »

Greeting Card Messages For Retirement

Whenever a person takes a retirement from a job, a duty or any other position, then the best way to wish him/her good luck for the future and best wishes is by writing a message.  A message for retirement can be sent by many ways and one such way is by writing it in a … Read More »

Friendship Greeting Card Messages

Friendship is the most important and most beautiful relationship possible between any two people. It is friendship which binds souls together for years. To express a heartfelt thought or feeling to a friend, the best way is to send across a greeting card message. A friendship greeting card message is a type of a message… Read More »

Miss You Short Messages

Miss you short messages are the one or two liner messages whose central theme is the fact that an individual is missing someone he or she cares about. The messages being short in length must aptly convey the message or the hidden feeling by the sender. Sample Miss You Short Messages It is weird how the… Read More »

Funny Goodbye Messages

Want to say goodbye to a friend, a family member, a loved one or a professional acquaint? Want to do it by sending the person a humorous message- then you need a funny goodbye message? These messages are written to convey an individual’s goodbye to the receiver but the speciality of these messages lie in… Read More »

Funny SMS Messages for Friends

Friends are the ones we share our lives, sorrow and worries with. They are also the ones we crack most jokes with. The funny SMS messages for friends are the messages which are exchanged between friends via the medium of SMS or text. These messages must be humorous in nature and should be able to… Read More »

Anniversary Messages for Ex- Boyfriend

Even though a girl and a guy may not be together in a relationship, the day of their anniversary still marks the completion of the one year circle around their one time existent relationship. Anniversary messages for ex- boyfriend are the messages which a girl sends to her ex on such an occasion i.e. wishing… Read More »

Funeral Flower Card Messages For Friend

Funeral flower card messages for a friend are the messages which are written down in the cards that accompany the flowers which are meant for a friend who has just suffered the loss of a loved one. The messages are deeply sensitive in nature and are framed with utmost caution taking care of the fact… Read More »