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Top 30+ Friendship Wishes Messages Pictures

Friendship, it is the greatest relationship in the world that we should maintain or carry throughout our life with lots of trust, care and understanding. Friendship is a loyal and helpful relationship between two people. Friendship – is build with respect, affection and mutual understanding along with service to friends when needed. Friendship – this… Read More »

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30+ Wedding Messages Pictures

Wedding is a Celebration of Love, Partnership, Trust and Matrimonial Bonds which matures slowly. It is the right time to enjoy today’s joys, yesterday’s memories and tomorrow’s hopes. Wedding, it is a special occasion in one’s life. You can present a cute digital card with couples, flowers, hearts or doves and congratulate newlyweds on social… Read More »

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30+ Best Birthday Wishes Messages Pictures, Images

Birthday, a unique life event for everyone, it is said that, Birthday (Zeroth) is the only day in your life, your mother smiled when you were crying. After that everyone smiles on your Birthday. So, wish your friends on their Birthday, let God decorate each golden ray of SUN reaching your friend with happiness, victory… Read More »

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I Like You SMS Messages

I Like You SMS messages are those sweet flirty love-filled messages that are sent through SMS to express that a person has a big time crush on his / her loved one. The tone of these messages can be flirty but must exhibit the true feelings that the person harbors for his / her crush.… Read More »

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Proposal Messages for Her

Proposal messages for her are those messages that are sent by a person to a girl to propose her for love relationship, marriage or for any other reasons. These messages must be framed using appropriate words so as to make the proposal effective. The messages can be sent through various mediums like greeting cards, social… Read More »

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Wedding Proposal Messages

Wedding proposal messages are the messages that are sent to someone very special. These are the messages that convey the desire to marry. This message can be sent through SMS, email or card. But the best way is to pour out the feelings of the heart from one’s own mouth. Pick up the best of… Read More »

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Love Short Status Messages

Love short status messages are ones that are used by a person in order to update their love status on a social networking site or on any messenger. These types of messages are short and must be framed in such a manner so that it reflects the heartfelt feelings of the sender. A few love… Read More »

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30 Valentine’s Day Picture Messages

Happy Valentine’s Day – 2014 for all the lovers across the world. Here, you can find stunning Valentine images with romantic quotes. These picture quotes help you propose your loved ones. Go through these picture quotes as they increase love for your partner, and are romantic and heart touching. Love is a great feeling and… Read More »

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Short Love Quotes for Him

When you wish to shower your love on someone, sending a text message, love quote, love greeting card etc can be the best way. Short love quotes for him are the short and precise love quotes that are sent by the sender to express her love towards him. These quotes can be sent by a… Read More »

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Romantic Love Text Messages for Wife

Many types of messages are exchanged between a husband and a wife. When love-filled messages and greetings are sent by a husband to his wife, these messages are called as romantic love text messages for wife. These messages are framed with immense feelings of love and thoughtfulness that the sender possesses for his wife and… Read More »

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Miss You Greeting Messages

Whenever we miss someone, it is important for us to let them know about our feelings and thoughts. The best way to express these feelings is through a message which can be sent by the means of a greeting card.  A miss you greeting message is thus a kind of a message which is written… Read More »

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Good Luck Greeting Messages

Good luck greeting messages are those types of messages which are written by a person to wish another person good luck for a task, a competition or any other event of importance.  These messages are sent by the means of greeting cards and must really be able to convey the feelings of the sender. The… Read More »

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Sweet Love Messages for Friends

Sweet love messages for friends are those messages that are sent by a friend to another to show feelings of love and affection.  The tone of these messages is very informal and conveys emotional bonding between the friends. These types of messages can be sent through sms, cards, emails or social networking sites. Sample Sweet Love… Read More »

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Inspirational Love Messages for Friends

Inspirational love messages for friends are ones that are sent by a friend to another in order to express the feelings of love that exists in their relationship. The tone of these messages should be very inspirational and aimed at maintaining the friendly relationship between two people. Some sample inspirational love messages for friends are… Read More »

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Morning Love Text Messages

Morning love text messages are those messages that are sent in morning time. These messages are sent by people to their loved ones for wishing them a loved and care filled morning. These messages contain such joy filled words that they truly express one’s feeling of luck for their loved ones. These messages bring a… Read More »

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Sorry Messages for Her

Sorry messages for her are the messages that are written for a special girl in someone’s life. These messages are specially generated for clearing out all the misunderstanding between couples after a fight. These messages are capable enough of winning the hearts and reuniting the couples. This messages works like magic wand and brings someone’s… Read More »

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Sorry Messages for Him

Sorry messages for him are ones that are sent by a woman to a man. These messages can be sent by a wife to her husband or a girlfriend to her boyfriend. The purpose of these messages is to seek apology for a mistake committed. These messages should be written with heartfelt words and must… Read More »

Emotional Messages for Whatsapp

Emotional messages for WhatsApp are those messages that have an emotional tone and are sent using WhatsApp to friends, dear ones and relatives. These messages should be crisp, meaningful, touching and warm. They should not only convey the emotional feeling to the recipient but also make a warm and hearty statement. The emotional messages can… Read More »

Good Morning Messages for Whatsapp

Good morning messages calls for warm greetings of the day and when these messages are sent as Whatsapp messages they should be short, meaningful and may be accompanied with some visuals. Good morning messages on Whatsapp can be funny or inspirational depending on the recipient’s status and mood. You could add a witty remark too… Read More »

Birthday Messages for Whatsapp

Whatsapp being the handiest mode of communication these days, birthday messages can travel the fastest through this medium. Birthday messages for whatsapp should be framed with few, but strong and touching words; you can also attach images of cakes, balloons or celebrations to the written message. Remembering someone’s birthday and wishing with heartwarming words is… Read More »

40th Anniversary Messages

Completing 40 years in a marriage or in an office is something that is worth celebrating and appreciating. 40th anniversary messages can be conveyed through cards, gifts or even personally. These messages should be creative and unique messages that will touch the recipient’s heart and make him feel that his achievement and years of success… Read More »